Soul Purpose – Real Love – The Keys to Happiness, Good Relationship and Health

Arguably, love is the most important, sort after, misplaced and trouble making experience of our lives. As if the soul of human beings is directed at love as a pre programmed target, and all else is simply distraction.

To love your work, your past, your future. Love might just be the soul purpose of life. Love is not holistic. To love something, anything it seems, might be enough. To love self or a Guru, might satiate the hunger. To love a dog or cat, friend or business, to love a sport or environment – maybe the love, real love of something is enough for the soul to feel purpose and therefore rest in the journey.

For me, the love of anything other than a person has rarely lasted. I love what I do, but deep down, there’s a part of me wanting to achieve something as a result of what I do, therefore it is not real love. I love going to Nepal and climbing up those magnificent Himalayan slopes, but, I feel that this is an addition to my life, therefore it’s not real love.

I have friends I love, deeply, they are wonderful. But their lives are not entwined with mine, therefore there is not the depth of provocation that causes me to feel vulnerable, as it seems my soul requires in order to feel satisfied, this love, I think, is not the Real love.

To further challenge my virtue in following the path of Real Love, soul purpose, I found the need to understand a sense of a God in my life. As a spiritual human being, I acknowledge the presence of a creator, the cause of creation. I struggle to put a name or face to this origin of everything. The whole universe comes from a beginning one can never know. From that first thought, like in our own lives, everything began. Who thought it? This is my idea of a creator.

That thought is real love. The original thought. And so, for me, God is love. Love was the first thought, and all that follows it, the creation and destruction of stars and moons and heavens and earths, came from, and exists in, that first thought. Then, maybe my soul purpose is to tune to that first thought? Because it was the first thought, then it exists in everything, everywhere. Maybe this, is the definition of the souls purpose, to see what already is.
When I fall in love with a person, I fall because it is new. It is like a new territory, unexplored universes, and I wish to find the love that is hidden in it. But we are distracted. Children, jobs, houses, health, money, careers, friends, family and more. We are distracted from love because these things are treated as separate from it.

People try to parent their children. Achieve in their jobs, own their houses, improve their health, increase their money, succeed in their careers, help their friends, and collude with their family. Such ambitions it seems are normal, but for me, such drivers, lack the love my soul aspires to.

Love is the synthesis of all emotion

To love a child is beyond prescription, but to avoid an emotion with that child is to avoid love. Parents who are afraid to be strong, or soft, of challenge or support. Cannot love, can only placate a child, manipulate and control by non confrontation.

To love a job is to explore challenge, to face the reward and hardship with equal enthusiasm. This seems, for many people, to be the one area of life they are unafraid of, primarily because they are free to be aggressive in this one area of life, tough on themselves to live out their hypnotized expectation of life.

To love a home is a substitute for an understanding and trust of anything bigger than self. The ego thrives in a home that is loved. Self obsession reaches its pinnacle if the home one lives in is a proud and designed environment. Here an individual feels they, and their universe are one. Deluded in an avoidance of their real fear.

Money is essential, the love of money is vital. Obsession and possession with holding, building and creating wealth is the fastest and strongest path to the avoidance of love. For the broken heart, the fearful mind, the belittled spirit, an obsession with collection and protection of money is the antidote to lovelessness.

Small is good. A healthy humility is a rich asset in this grand universe. We are nothing, and it is wise to know it. But is a healthy mind, small is wonderful, because small means we are a part of something huge, and that hugeness is the magnificence of that first thought, the whole of creation, the magnificence of a love beyond. But for most people their smallness is not humility, it is shame and irrelevance. Then they cling to careers that kill them, families that need them. This cave is a shelter from the vulnerability a belittled spirit feels. When a person looses their place in a loving universe, they create a substitute, and this substitute is attachment in which pride, need and safety are at the core. This is not love.

Like a child in a kindergarten, we play with toys. We play innocently thinking that our games are real and like a child in kindergarten, we eventually become bored with the games, we need bigger toys, faster swings, more challenging puzzles. We automatically grow out of our shoes, and we automatically grow out of our obsessions. Soul seeks love and cannot remain inside a body that substitutes.

Take human hardship. Take the purpose of soul. Understand the keys of Soul love – real love and our innate desire for it. Like a tree searches for the sun, we too have a life giving quest. That quest is not satiated in anything earthly, it is only guided to grow through them.

Love is not another possession. One finds it for someone, something and one grows and adapts and becomes used to it. The profound becomes the mundane. Therefore in the purpose of the soul, a relationship holds no key other than an initial witnessing of a new possibility and the removal of a distraction. The quest – the quest of the soul, will not be satiated within a job, a career, a family, a relationship, a bank account or anything we can build or own.

True happiness, true love comes from the journey, the ongoing quest to witness the beauty of creation. To see beauty in family, money, relationship, career, home is to deconstruct it and in doing so, reveal that first thought of creation within it. That deconstruction is not a moral or ethical one, those are human laws. The deconstruction and the purpose of the soul is to witness the universal laws in all, everything, and therefore evolve, through real life, to real love. Everyday, every hour, another step on the path to the purpose of the soul. It simply wants to go home, from whence it came, home to the thought that created it, through love.

To the body – mind there is pain and pleasure, and mine and yours, life and death. But to the soul, no such boundaries exist. It only knows its purpose, though life after life, body after body, all it knows, is that it is away, uncomfortable – it wants to go home, to its creator, home to love.

Now, you may understand a little more, why relationships feel so good at first, but might not feel so good at last. When your soul feels love, that falling in love it feels home. But this is not home. This is an earthly reminder of where home really is. And before it reaches that home a million billion such reminders will be required. They, like moments of sunlight nourish, guide and direct its growth, going home, from whence it came. To that first thought, to love.

Live with Spirit

Chris Walker